Dissertation Proposal: Organization of the dissertation

We would like to give a few tips on temporal organization, organizing the material for your thesis and your self-organization.

Organization of the processing time of the thesis

imageSpend a few weeks for the collection of materials and delineation of your topic.At this stage, much literature in the library of your university is not available Often it takes weeks to be unnecessary titles available through interlibrary loan. The second step in organizing your time is the intensive study of the literature.

The third step in your time organization is planning the final version. To do systematize read literature to articulate the state of research, update the objectives of your thesis and the expected results and produce a detailed outline of your thesis.image Assign each chapter to the necessary literature and records. In the fourth step, because you have ideally begun already in the first weeks, you need to put time limits of your dissertation in regards to the writing of raw versions.

The fifth step is to finalize the organization of work. This includes thorough proofreading, the final check whether all formal requirements have been complied with, and monitoring of the inventories. The dissertation may to be placed in storage on CD – http://www.a-mentor.co.uk/services/research-writing/dissertation-proposal/.

Organization of citations and sources for the thesis

Capture all items potentially interesting literature in an author index. Later, you can pick out in a separate step, the library organization and signature if necessary, take the procurement via interlibrary loan. Mark your keywords on the index card. Does the text in the university library or online, or must it only be obtained through interlibrary loan? Look for the latest literature.

If you use when writing a source, then add not only the corresponding reference in a footnote or in the text of your thesis, but grasp the source immediately in preliminary bibliography of your thesis. This form of organization when working saves much effort at the end of the processing time of your dissertation.

Order to save time, you could run organization from the outset a preliminary bibliography, in which you specify the sources of your dissertation, but remove all unused sources.

Dissertation Writing: Some issues

Which font can be used?

Even with the font, there are no mandatory requirements. Commonly used is Times New Roman or Arial font size 12 or 11. Of course, nevertheless what font you choose well, it should be legible and the font size should not be too big or too small.

The correct quotes, according to A-mentor assignment writing service

imageWhen quoting, there is a variety of ways. Accessible is to add the source information by footnote. You specify first name, title, place of publication, year of publication and the page number (s) in the footnote. In analogous quotations is placed before the name of a “cf.”

In the U.S., however, is no footnote citation set. Instead, be given directly after the quote name, year of publication and page number in brackets.

Make best use of the supervisors preferred citation style and on consistency.

What are the tips and tricks?

imageWhen you understand your topic yourself, you should make sure that it is not too extensive. Otherwise, it is possible that you are entangled in the argument and lose sight of the question. On the other hand, the issue should be productive enough so that you can fill in the expected amount of 80-100 pages page.

If your topic is, you should create a rough timetable. Divide the months until the deadline in time for research, writing and correcting. Plan while also enough leeway, because it can always get something in between such as sick leave or you have to wait for borrowed books.Planning throughout the process is essential. Divide your time in the best way, because otherwise you risk not be able to finish on time.

During the literature search, you can first turn to standard works. Second, you look at the sources of these standard works and pick out appropriate books or articles.



• Leave again professionals look over your work.
• A proofreading can help eliminate careless mistakes, wrong commas and other “blunders” of your text and to improve the style of the work.

How to write a philosophical essay?

Defining technical terms and put in ambiguous words, the meaning is the way you need it for the essay. Say for example that you are the “evil” not only morally bad, special understand any bad situation. Always say what you exactly mean. Say for example, not only “Nominalism turns against the general,” but also “Under nominalism I understand the view that there are no universals, i.e. not things that can happen completely at several things.”

imageWhere possible, to solve problems by you distinguish different senses and uses of words and word meanings. It makes reading easier if the first sentence of a paragraph. The main point of the paragraph must be clear. Often bear the authors poorer arguments first and the first to be rejected prior conceptions. Consider whether the text is not clear, reader-friendly and interesting, if you set out your view before you set out views and rejecting a start arguing.

So you the reader first understanding and knowledge of the matter, which he can then (if he does not even want to save the more) easily understand why the other views are wrong. Bring the important first.image Then answer the question. You can refer to other authors who have already said something about it.

Treat only those questions, advices a-mentor.co.uk – the answers to answer the main question of the essay is required and answer them just as thoroughly as necessary. Do not say, “The question we cannot investigate X of space further.” If necessary, answer question X, otherwise call them and not lose a word about it.


Do not say, for example, “Since Kant, we know that God …“. Say, „By the arguments for and against the existence of God can we have such and such strong reasons for / against the theism “. Defend not only your opinion, but also bring out, arguing against your opinion and which is the second best view if necessary. Attempts to convince the reader. Be yourself, consciously that it also gives arguments against your opinion.